TECHART voor Panamera 970.2

Welcome to the TECHART Aerokit I for the Porsche Panamera models. Breathtakingly elegant and excitingly sporty. Uncompromising in both, its outer appearance and its inner values. Developed in the wind tunnel, made of quality materials such as Polyurethane RIM and carbon fiber. It was designed for trouble free fitting using the original mouting points.

The Aerokit I for the Panamera is available in two variants: for Panamera models of the first generation until the 2013 model year as well as for the new Panamera models of the second generation which started with the 2014 model year, including the extended wheel base Panamera Executive models.

Just as any TECHART program, the Aerokit I for the Panamera gives you the freedom to individualize it further to your personal taste. After all, our aim is to bestow nothing less than your personality on your Porsche Panamera.

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